Sunday, February 16, 2014

Potato Sausage Casserole

Can you tell that winter is being long and cold this winter in Minnesota. It seems that comfort foods are screaming out to be made.  This dish is another fairly simple recipe and the results leftovers.  Always a good sign :-)


Au Gratin Potato mix - plus the butter and water indicated to make the potatoes
1 Turkey Kielbasa Sausage 
1 bag your favorite frozen vegetables

Cut sausage into bite size pieces.  Brown sausage pieces in a frying pan.  Remove from pan and set aside while you make the au gratin potatoes according to the directions on the box.  Once you've mixed all the ingredients together, add the browned sausage to cook both the potatoes and sausage until done. Finally add the bag of frozen veggies and cook until they are heated through.  Serve and enjoy!

Three ingredients, how simple can you get!

Adding the sausage to the au gratin potato mix

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